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The bike tax benefit is great for both health and the environment, and doesn't cause any extra costs or effort for the company.

Our comprehensive Bike Benefit Scheme includes:

✔ Help from our experts to choose the perfect bike

✔ Quick processing and delivery of the orders

✔ Personal fitting of each bike

✔ Financing and insurances

✔ Reporting of the bike benefit for salary payment

You can decide on the budget!

Leasing package 


  • Offering the bike tax benefit to your employees doesn't cost the company any extra

  • We take care of the orders, insurances, financing as well as reporting for salary payment


  • An employee can get the tax benefit up until 1 200€ per year

  • The fixed price of 100€/month covers all costs

  • At the end of the leasing term the employee can purchase the bike for a nominal fee


  • The employee can freely choose the bike: either from our selection or we can also order the exact bike they want

  • Our expert is there to help in choosing the perfect bike!


  • The bike tax benefit is both a healthy as well as an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation for the employee

  • The bike can be used for commuting and also free time

  • Thanks to the tax benefit, the employee can in the end save up to 30-50 % of the value of the bicycle

How does the bike tax benefit work in practice?

1. You can offer your employees an employment bike. In turn the employee's salary will be reduced by 100€. Alternatively the bike benefit can be paid on top of the salary. Thanks to the bike tax benefit the employee doesn't have to pay income tax for this 100€, which saves them up to 30-50%. 

2. Together with our experts, the employee will have a personal appointment to choose the perfect bicycle for them. The bicycle can be chosen either from our selection, or by ordering. 

We take care of the delivery and fitting of the bike. 

3. The bike is in the employee's use by a leasing contract which has a fixed cost of 100€ per month. The 100€ includes all costs including insurance and maintenance costs. The leasing contract and its duration will be planned according to the value of the bike and possible bike accessories as well as the costs of the insurance, financing and maintenance. The maximum duration of the leasing contract is 48 months (4 years).

4. After the leasing contract has ended, the employee has the right to purchase the bike for themselves for a nominal fee (about 3% of the original value of the bike). 

Bike benefit contact form

How does the bike tax benefit work in practice?

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