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We at Cycling and Urban Mobility want to enable a new way of urban mobility and an innovative cycling culture. We want to promote and support a sustainable lifestyle: our vision is to help the environment and people through cycling.

Environmentally friendly products with the highest quality

We offer cycling services and products that are not only of the highest quality, design and function but also have been created in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner. 

The founder of the company

My name is Sergio, and I have been cycling for as long as I can remember. I consider myself a cyclist, and with time I have gained a vast knowledge and experience about cycling. I am passionate about high-quality steel bikes, and often you can find me on a cycling trip in the beautiful surroundings of Porvoo. 

I use cycling for almost all daily transportation needs: to work, to family activities and for groceries. Usually I cycle with my cargo bike. I have taken it as my life mission to advance and enable cycling as a life style. 

I strongly believe that cycling is the future urban mode of transportation and that cycling simply makes people healthier and happier. 

For Cycling and Urban Mobility, I have gathered my whole knowledge and passion for cycling to create a unique collection of high-quality products and services.

For a Cleaner environment & for healthier and happier people.

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